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NEWS (e-mail for your questions: lib_sbo@kazangmu.ru)

ClinicalKey is an electronic database from Elsevier for working with medical information. The database contains books, periodicals, clinical guidelines, practical skills, video clips and images.

Access is carried out through registration on the website (during the registration, make a request for «Remote Access» svetlana.semenycheva@kazangmu.ru).

The username and password from ClinicalKey can be used to enter systems:

ClinicalKey Student https://www.clinicalkey.com/student/login?target=%2Fstudent 

ScienceDirect https://www.sciencedirect.com/http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/bookbshsrw 

Scopus https://www.scopus.com/search/form.uri?display=basic 



Аccess to the ClinicalKey Student information and educational platform is available
ClinicalKey Student is an informational and educational resource for teachers and students of medical fields. This platform has an extensive library of books, images and videos. Access is carried out through registration on the website at the IP-address of the university.
If you have questions, you can contact us by e-mail lib_sbo@kazangmu.ru

Useful materials for the learning resource Elsevier ClinicalKeyStudent:
How to create an account: https://p.widencdn.net/zivsae/CKS_How-to-create-an-account
How to study with ClinicalKey Student: https://p.widencdn.net/5urqb1/How-to-study-with-ClinicalKey-Student
How to launch a bookshelf: https://elsevier.widen.net/s/mxdqbdgtdc
How to make notes and highlights: https://p.widencdn.net/lkhame/CKS_How-to-make-notes-and-highlights-in-Bookshelf
How to use the presentation tool: https://p.widencdn.net/p8rzr6/How-to-use-the-presentation-tool

 Quick Start GuideQuick Start Guide


«Student's Consultant» provides access via the Internet to full-text educational literature and additional materials.

Previously, registration was possible only from computers using the IP address of the university (with subsequent remote access), now it is possible to access the resource from outside the university.

1. To obtain remote access to the «Student's Consultant» www.studentlibrary.ru, you need to go to the site and go through the registration procedure (or authorization, if you have been registered earlier).

2. In the upper left corner of the screen, the «Get Remote Access» button will appear.

When you click on this button will appear a form that must be filled out. Enter all the data (organization, name, phone, e-mail, faculty, group number). After filling out the form, click on the «Submit» button.

3. Access to the texts will be provided after confirmation of the application within one working day.


The scientific library received new editions in English.
New items are books of the publishing house «GEOTAR-Media», which means that almost all electronic versions of publications can be found on the website «Student's Consultant» http://www.studentlibrary.ru/.
Printed versions are available for viewing in the reading room of foreign literature and Internet (room 204)!



From September 15 to December 15, 2020, access to a set of solutions for specialists in the biomedical and chemical-pharmaceutical fields is provided: a premium portfolio of Cell Press, Lancet and journals of prestigious scientific societies.

The Lancet journals (www.sciencedirect.com) are publications dedicated to clinical research. The publications are in the top 5% of the most cited in the world. The journals publish cutting-edge scientific data, articles, reviews, current discussions, world medical news and reports, descriptions of clinical pictures and therapies. The portfolio includes 18 journals, including The Lancet Neurology, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, The Lancet Global Health, which rank # 1 in their subject area in terms of impact factor.

The Cell Press journals (www.sciencedirect.com) are specialized, highly cited publications in the field of biology and chemistry, publishing scientific information for scientists at the forefront of science. The content of these journals represents the most requested and cited content on the ScienceDirect platform. The portfolio includes 20 magazines, including magazines such as Cell, Neuron, Cancer Cell, Matter, Joule, Chem and others.

The scientific society journal portfolio (www.sciencedirect.com) includes over 70 journals in clinical practice and medical research. Among them are such leading journals as Gastroenterology, The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, The Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, British Journal of Anesthesia, JACC (Journal of American College of Cardiology), The Journal of Investigative Dermatology, Journal of Thoracic Oncology.



We remind you that Kazan State Medical University has access to the database of periodicals of the publishing house «Wiley» (access — from the computers of the university). Additional resources provided through trial access (from September 15, 2020 to November 14, 2020):

Wiley's expanded collection of scientific journals covering archives from 1997 to 2020. This is a significant increase in access over the current subscription in 2020, in which the archive is limited to the last five years (2016–2020). All 1500+ journals will be available on the Wiley Online Library platform at https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/

A selection of Wiley reference books and encyclopedias on medicine and chemistry. A list of all 45 available titles is available at this link, and the materials themselves are also presented on the Wiley Online Library platform. Wiley References are unique publications with a long history and a reputation for being reliable sources of organized information for researchers, teachers and students.

The Cochrane Library is the authoritative resource for evidence-based medicine. It is intended for medical and healthcare professionals, but it will also be useful to a wide range of readers interested in approaches to the treatment of diseases based on the latest clinical data. The Cochrane Library includes a database of systematic reviews, a clinical trial registry, and a database of Cochrane responses for medical practitioners. The resource is accessed via the link https://cochranelibrary.com.


 COVID-19: Keep current with ClinicalKey

Medical and scientific resources on COVID-19 are available in your clinical search engine ClinicalKey and the free Elsevier COVID-19 HealthCare Hub.

 ClinicalKey is an online discoverability platform for healthcare professionals, to support improved patient outcomes. It contains a wide selection of Elsevier medical and surgical books (>1.000) and journals (>600) in full text as well as international guidelinesvideosimages, etc. in more than 30 medical specialties.

 We would like to invite you to a webinar (will be held in English). You´ll learn about how to search for medical information on COVID-19 as well as how to use all the advanced functionality tools available in ClinicalKey.

 The webinar is scheduled to last 45 minutes.

 Register now to one of the webinars: (time zone: GMT+2 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna):

 Tuesday, June the 16th 2020 at 10:00am

 Tuesday, June the 16th 2020 at 10:00am

 Wednesday, June the 17th 2020 at 14:00pm

 Monday, June the 22nd 2020 at 12:00pm

 How can I join a webinar? Please have a look here.

 After the registration, each participant will receive a confirmation email with the conference details and meeting-password. After the webinar, you will receive a video-recording of the presentation. 

You have access to ClinicalKey Student with over 250 textbooks, 2000 videos, 1500 quick access summaries, 4.200 questions and 150.000 images!

We are hosting a training session, so please stop by to learn more about this valuable resource that your institution now has access to.

Date: Friday, 22nd May 2020

Time: 15.00 p.m. Moscow time

Where: Online webinar

Please register here: https://elsevier.zoom.us/webinar/register/

Why: A product specialist from Elsevier will answer your questions

For students: how to register, how to use Smart Search, how to highlight and share notes with your peers, how to create revision cards, how to create self-assessment and more

For faculty: how to assist you in the delivery of your curriculum online, use of all images copyright cleared in any resources you produce, how to embed content links in PPT's and your LMS, how to set reading assignments, and more


1. After you have registered to the webinar, you will get a confirmation email with a link to join. 2. Click on the link that you will find in your email-confirmation: Click here to join (test-link).

3. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android. Following window will open automatically in your internet browser. If you do not have the Zoom app installed, lick on ‘Cancel’ and then on ‘Join from your browser’.


Until June 30, access to the ClinicalKey Student information and educational platform is available https://www.clinicalkey.com/student/

ClinicalKey Student is an informational and educational resource for teachers and students of medical fields. This platform has an extensive library of books, images and videos. The participants of the test connection will be provided with individual access — RegID and password, in order to register in the system and start using it. You can request them by mail lib_sbo@kazangmu.ru ClinicalKey Student webinar recording https://elsevier.zoom.us/rec  (password: Webinar2020!)

1. Go to your electronic form (authorization: last name with a capital letter and password — barcode in your student card) http://library.kazangmu.ru/
2. Check the availability of all books, be sure to compare the barcodes on each edition.
3. If some copies are lost or damaged, you should contact the service department head Svetlana Mikhailovna svtshl@yandex.ru to resolve the issue (search, replace).  
The foreign students, studying in English language, can get textbooks in scientific department of the library (room № 205, second storey)
Schedule of work: Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 17:00

McGraw-Hill  in collaboration with NEICON provides 3-month test access to AccessMedicine (accessmedicine.com) since March 1, 2020. AccessMedicine is a leading online resource for medical issues and offers a wide range of authoritative, recognized and relevant information for students and practitioners working in more than 84 countries and more than 95% of US medical facilities.

AccessMedicine contains 130+ publications in the field of basic sciences and each medical specialty, including:

Other main features of AccessMedicine includes:

  • Case-Based learning:
  • 900+ real cases taken from popular publications (including Case Files Series),
  • fundamental scientific trends and best practices in clinical practice, including acid-base disturbance cases;
  • Downloadable Images: Thousands of photographs and illustrations licensed for educational use and lectures.;
  • Training materials: 11,000+ questions and answers for preparing for exams, self-examination and discussion on expert advice;
  • Patient health education materials: comprehensive health information on thousands of topics translated into 10 different languages, including Russian;
  • Built-in drug database
  • Multimedia: more than 1000 videos for fundamental and promising educational needs, including Harrison’s Human anatomy tooldiagnostic reasoning lectures, and podcast series.

Below are resources to help you get started work with AccessMedicine.

Recommend you to create a free MyAccess profile to have remote access to the resource.

You must create your MyAccess profile when connecting to your institution’s network (at the university’s IP address)


Test access to the world's first peer-reviewed video journal of visualized experiments JOVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments).
The electronic video magazine includes more than 9,500 video articles in 13 fields of science: biology, neuroscience, medicine, engineering, genetics, chemistry, biochemistry, oncology, immunology, etc.
All video content is duplicated by a text protocol in HTML and PDF format. JoVE video articles are indexed by PubMed / Medline, Web of Science, Chem-Abstracts, SciFinder and Scopus. Impact factor of the video magazine 1.184. Video articles of the journal and educational videos are translated into several languages.

Access granted in March 2020 at the university's IP address



The Scientific Library of Kazan State Medical University introduces you, dear readers, with new publications that have arrived at the library. New items are books of the GEOTAR-Media Publishing House so you can find almost all electronic versions of publications on the website http://www.studentlibrary.ru/ Printed versions are available in the reading room 204.





From November 12 to December 12, 2019 a test access for the Kazan State Medical University to the interactive anatomical 3D atlas of Visible Body on the Ovid platform is open. The atlas consists of detailed, anatomically accurate three-dimensional models of all systems of the human body.

Access is open by University’s IP address.

You can get he login and password for remote access (from your home computer) in the library’s Internet room (2nd floor, room 204) or by lib_sbo@kazangmu.ru


A number of titles was recently added to the collection of the reading room of foreign literature and Internet room (library, 2nd floor, room 204). Come and see.



The scientific library pleases its readers with new books once again. This time in English editions. Among the novelties – books of the Elsevier Publishers, which means that electronic versions of the publications can be found on the ClinicalKey website https://www.clinicalkey.com Remote access is possible after registration at the university’s IP address. Printed versions of books are in the reading room of foreign literature and the Internet (2nd floor, room 204). Come and read, learn new!

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